• A. Hussein

Few Success Secrets Cracked

First and foremost these are not secrets. We all know them or of them. However, we overlook them and don't give them a chance. The great thing is they don't cost you anything. They are free and provide you the best ROI.

1. Have a purpose (Why)

2. Set Goals (Write them down)

3. Discipline (Work, action)

4. Confidence (overcome your self doubt)

1. Why do you want to succeed. Why do you want to make manager? Why do you want to open your own business?

2. My kids tell me they don't have goals. That is a lie because we have many goals even we don't speak out or think about as goals. Now start writing your goals that you want achieve. Example:

  • Health goals (the new year is around the corner)

  • Financial goal (how much you want to make or have),

  • Career (Where on the ladder you want to be including owning it)

3. Discipline requires action and being consistent. You have to work and going after it. Success will not come on its own but your actions and intensions will bring it forth. Sometimes we don't know when we will achieve it but it will come as action towards is consistently moving forward.

4. Our biggest handicap is our own minds and our self doubt. Believe in your self. Doubt comes to everyone, fear is natural. Learning to over come it will allow you to see your returns faster. You can build confidence with more experience and knowledge. So read, experiment, and ask for tasks of the next level in your career now don't want for it.

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